How to Leverage The Growing Trend Of eSports To Your Advantage

February 18, 2019 Sunny Arora 2484 Views
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Post 2019 esports shall be the pick of verticals. An esports biz FastWeb. Media has gone forward to suggest some lucrative stats which elaborate the kind of financial avenues gaming shall have in the future. In 2017 alone, esports tickets generated £42.5 M. By 2021 the entire esports revenue is expected to grow by £1.18 bn. 2018 recorded an approximate of 380M fans across the globe which triggered brands to spend as high as £498.5 M.

This is suggestive of the perfect time to get your game application project into process and hire the expertise of a good unity app development company or any other platform that suits your project. It shall receive the best reach in terms of audiences and growth factors shall be immense. Let us consider a few critical points in regard to profiting the best out of this business.

Affinity For More Competitive Gaming Experiences

While PUBG and Fornite have amassed quite a level of success and it is to be kept in mind that they are the first in their league when it comes to connecting 100 players in one session of action shooting. And they are the most acclaimed labels as of yet. While they have been highly successful in increasing the global number of players and helping them acquire a taste, first person and third person are hence an easier risk to take in today’s date. There are plenty of modes and diverse gameplay styles that haven’t been accommodated in the 2 titles and can be designed to add an extra layer of competition. But more importantly, there is one important thing that games need to accommodate from a financial perspective.

Advantage Of Customizable Game Assets

10 years back, games were a stand alone entity in the sold in CDs, there was less or zero scope of enhancements. With cloud technologies and trends of handheld devices games in this age are constantly adding new elements which help retaining the players and keeping their interests hooked. This is a great business strategy for game development units and benefits a lot from a branding point of view. Game assets can be integrated with elements of any brand and thus can prove a great platform to enhance communication and promotions.

Better Avenues For eCommerce Gamification Strategies

Thanks to the trend of game content streaming, eCommerce gamification will receive better media platforms to showcase their material. Individual reach of notable game streamers shall assist when it comes to harness a particular section of demographic. Not only does this help increase reach for your new game but also helps the particular sponsors or associated with the game. This creates opportunities not just within the game but lets you host contests with a particular platform, of course with the consent of the streamer and how organized your campaign is.

Custom and Season Oriented Campaigns

The ability of game labels to accommodate new updates and enhancements give game developers and sponsors the opportunity and flexibility to incorporate better marketing campaigns. The advantage of incorporating custom game assets bits best in this model as both parties benefit. The sponsors get to host their marketing campaign and the game developer gets to retain their audiences. Marketers look to target specific occasions to orient the current reign of attention towards themselves and the flexibility to create game enhancements accordingly lets the organizer plan prior to the occasion.

BrainMobi has actively contributed to the domain of mobile game app development and has been monitoring the avenues for growth in this sector. Keeping that in mind we are very excited with what the fast growing world of esports has to offer and seems quite the correct time to implement your game app development project. If your budding idea needs an edge or some extra touch of creativity besides the development efforts, feel free to write to us at .

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