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According to a survey by the renowned QA website for developers, StackOverflow, AngularJS ranks second in the most popular frameworks of 2017. The metrics point out to the popularity as well as the efficiency of the framework. Published under MIT license, it is free and open-source. It supports both, one-way, as well as two-way data binding. What makes it super-fast is its dependencies. Less dependencies results in less extra scripts which the developers need to include, which in turn results in faster load times and less development overhead.

BrainMobi is one of the best AngularJS development companies. With a team of some of the top AngularJS developers, we craft web apps with stunning graphics and smooth transitions. The web apps we develop are always in beast-mode, outperforming competitors right from the launch date. The amount of knowledge that our team of ace developers possesses makes us a top AngularJS development company.

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