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DevOps - Redefining the Future of mobile app development

According to StackOverflow’s annual survey, DevOps was amongst the top 10 developer types present on the website in 2017. The demand for DevOps is ever-increasing since DevOps combines development and operations forming teams where both the ends are in-sync. Such teams have shorter development cycles and are hence able to deliver the project faster(upto 60 percent faster!) Since there’s a lot of automation involved, there are fewer instances of deployment failures and rollbacks. As the silos between the development team and the operations team break, the efficiency of the teams increases.

BrainMobi is one of the top mobile app development companies. Our team of top mobility experts follow the DevOps model, compensating metrics into insights we can work upon. We understand the potential of this model of development, hence we use it to maximise our efficiency. It helps us in providing sans pareil quality apps to our beloved clients.

Faster & Speedy Execution of Software Delivery with DevOps

Better collaboration, communication & integration

Provide automated environments

Enable continuous feedback

Create high-quality releases through automation

Enhance operational knowledge into design phase

Typical Framework for Achieving Continuous Integration and Delivery in a DevOps World

Our DevOps Development Services

Configuration management

Continues integration

Continues integration

Continuous delivery

Continuous monitoring

SaaS implementation

Infrastructure automation

DevOps toolchain development

DevOps consulting

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