Mobile App Development Trends as Governed by the Emerging Market

February 26, 2019 Shivani Sharma 3340 Views
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The year 2018 helped us witness some great advancements in terms of the kind of technology released and has set the path for more exciting updates that shall be witnessed in the years to come. Most of them shall dictate a new trend in the business which shall be governed by the kind of technology used in the system. Let us take a look at few of the mobile app development trends that shall govern the the trends of 2019.

Increased Blockchain Usage

While just as early as 2 years into its development stage, blockchain has already created a fuzz when it comes to solving different issues and various sectors. As per a trend check from Transparency Market Research, the blockchain technology is expected to hit a $20 Billion by 2024. This is enough to suggest the trend is likely to make headlines for app development schemes in 2019 as mobile applications remain the only route to capitalize on the decentralized currency platform.

To explain it much better, the decentralized currency platform lets every individual component take credit of their individual contribution with a process of the sales. Also this isn’t just to manage your internal processes but it is the most ethical and systematic way to expand and reduce efforts of monitoring your accounts.

Budding entrepreneurs and technology shall be keen to tap on this opportunity and shall be looking to help make technology accessible to more people and investors.

Machine Learning & Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is a highly anticipated phenomenon and already on the hooks of any enterprise owners to implement list. As per a report from International Data Corporation, it is estimated that the market for AI shall be as high as $40 Billion by the year 2020. This is an evidence of the fact that other sectors as well are aiming to integrated it with their systems to bring out the best results in automation. As of yet the medical and manufacturing fields have paid some great efforts when it comes to achieving efficiency using artificial intelligence. This is owed to the ability and accuracy to capture real time event info.

While achieving the best standards in Artificial Intelligence isn’t something that will happen out some break through invention. It is a matter of 3 industrial phases and its safe to assume that we are in phase 2.

Platforms like Facebook and Google have successfully brought people under one belt and devised the most effective way to monitor their exercises. Amazon has effectively managed to score a lot of business related data. Phase 2 will help programmers craft the effective algorithms using this data that shall bring out an automated AI into process.

For this point onwards it shall be very important for any company to gather data that shall come in assistance to future technologies. Future technologies like face recognition, voice recognition etc.

Wearable App Integration

With the kind of activities Apple, Samsung and Withings are taking in the field of health sector and Medical apps shall be making considerable use for wearable apps on a day to day basis. Apps this way are able to maintain important information such as heart rate and blood sugar levels. Besides the medical inputs, the quick notification systems, AI advantage, voice recognition

Will catch the eye or other companies as well. In the first place this shall catch some grip for the style and personality additions.

With the kind of pace that esports is showing in terms, it is clearly evident that the affinity for experience shall be the core when it comes to dictating the market. Apex legends, PUBG, twitch and facebook level up are just the beginning of things. In the flow of the market we have forgotten then smart lens, VR, smartwatch do exist as well.

Internet Of Things

For the kind of trends and progress the market and corresponding industries are making, IoT shall be in some great demand for the kind of expectations that shall be created. Business processes are deemed to see a boost as education sectors and eCommerce shall capitalize big time on the Internet of things. The popularity of this system is triggered by the fact that they are capable of interlinking various parts of an organization and subsidiary business verticals that follow. This enables the various entities connected to the system get to enjoy faster and convenient access to data distributed with the organization.  

Enhanced App Security

With an increase in the number of mobile applications in the mobile store, app developers will surely need to boost the security of apps in the future. Apps are always prone to the activity of hackers and it is an added responsibility to come up updated methods that shall help keep the contents secure. Any complacency in this factor can cause a significant loss to companies and an exposure of the weakness in the development. This is very crucial a factor to consider on the part of startups and budding enterprises that shall venturing to capitulate huge amounts of data within their business practices.

Accelerated Mobile Pages

Guarding and Google are one of the key players in the AMP scope and will be definitely putting a lot of effort to enhance their services. The platform aids to scrutinize the performance and loading speed of the pages. This shall effectively help applications based on the mobile application optimization factors.  

Our long list of endeavours and experiences with regard to mobile application development enable us to craft the best solutions which shall withstand the marketing trends of the future. As one of the top mobile app development company, we always keep a check on our skillset and look to hit on the upcoming wave of opportunities to the best standards. If you have the idea for a mobile or web application, kindly write to us at .

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