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August 10, 2018 Sukhbeer Maurya 4315 Views
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Google I/O 2018 was filled with treats and wonders any budding techie would love to come across and as a consequence of which the world of android is set to witness some fireworks unlike any seen before. At the same time it was an exhibit of its technological smartness which outclassed several business apps and individual app building attempts in a snap. This could be an indication of the fact that the future of android shall dictate some new norms in the mobile application ecosystem.

The several innovations and new features set out to be incorporated in the system is also an indication of the kind of research and progress that shall be accomplished with future research to come. As one of the best android app development company let us expand to you its effects on the app marketplace which shall help you take the smartest step toward your app building process.

Smarter Hardware

With the google pixel all set to give its competition to apple devices, it is equipped with all the perfect elements to enhance the qualities of android to its fullest. On top of that Google has already conceptualized other wearable hardware devices like the smart glasses which shall be the apt replacement for the google lens besides paving the way for other features like Augmented and virtual reality. Other software features like the text scanner and facial recognition system would also hit its best experience under the guise of the smart glass which is not a concept but an actual prototype.

Agile Mechanisms

The best benefit comes with the fact that any efficient development strategy in turn assists in the business strategy as well and yields some sharp marketing targets. Agile app development methodologies are the need of the moment as well as the future as they contribute to making your business more agile. With several innovations witnessed at google i/o 18, android applications are capable of delivering some new breed of functionalities which are potential of entirely new breeds of business. Considering the competition involved, and if you are looking forward to get yourself an application, quick deployment will be a major concern in order to pitch your business perfectly.

Android App Development Process

Intuitive UI and High Engaging Factors

Whether it’s the concept of the application developer or technical brilliance on the part of the developer, the future of android applications shall demand a hell lot of simplicity and minimalism when it comes to communicating their functionality. With advanced features like voice assistants, machine learning (already implemented in the android p) and AI, android shall demand the next level of automation and easy interaction in its upcoming future. The integrated AR features in the google map is an indication of the kind of product integrations that android applications might see in the future.

Language Inputs

Inputs in machine learning have enabled smartphone information processing and have better reading and comprehension abilities than ever before. This shall enable applications that be able to process strings as data. This isn’t just restricted to content within the system but also any piece of information printed can be processed and treated via the sophisticated google lens which is due to come out in the pixel series. This shall be a great assist to educational applications and when it comes to addressing language barriers.

New APIs

Google APIs have assisted plenty of mobile applications. To the delight of application developers, google is offering three new APIs which shall give the creative space to sketch more mobile apps. This also means newer apps.

Face Detection, Text Recognition and Image Labelling are the three new ones which can be implemented in various categories like Dating, Beacons, Security, Education, Social and what not. New App developers shall have the fun of conceptualizing around the three that is destined to give a totally new experience in the world of mobile applications.

As one of the most competitive and best mobile application development company, we at BrainMobi make extensive amounts of research when it comes to anticipating the future of any technology. We aim to deliver the most innovative and creative solutions to our clients in order to keep them a step ahead of the market. If you got an idea for a mobile or web application, kindly write to us at sales@brainmobi.com .

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