What Makes JavaScript A Relevant Subject Even Today?

October 23, 2018 Sunny Arora 3074 Views
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As of today almost 95% of the most popular and most visited web pages on the world wide web make use of javascript in one form or the other. Almost every websites employ HTML, CSS and Javascript as one of its primary fundamental building blocks. HTML is responsible for taking responsibility of the structure of the website whereas CSS takes credit for the design. But while the site is still static, it is javascript adds the core to it. Javascript mainly serves as a forefront web development language which was build to bridge the gap between Java and other scripting languages.

It is what helps in making the website more engaging and interactive which leads to better user engagement and user interaction. Without javascript it can be a fairly challenging to deliver such a interactive experience. As one of the Top Javascript Application Development Company, we at BrainMobi have taken several successful endeavours when it comes to making use of the best out of this technology. Let us look at a few advantages that come with it

Easy To Learn

WordPress and Joomla are a few platforms that at some times act as disruptors for web development in today’s world. But that doesn’t mean web development and the corresponding demands that come with it are dead and redundant. Rather such CMS always have several limitations which is one reason why big companies are still hesitant to go on board with such utilities. When seeking to make use of a bridge between learning web application development and the ease of use, javascript is exactly the thing you need to be seeking. It is fairly simple to get accustomed to the way the language works and helps making the website more dynamic. The intuitive syntax helps makes coding simpler as well.

Powerful Frameworks

There is a huge list of powerful frameworks built around javascript that assists with its presence of ready to use codes. Such codes have been regarded as fairly simple to use and easy to debug at the same time. Depending on the framework in the process you get to access plenty of other features that shall help you increase your productivity ten times in terms of money and effective time. There are plenty of tools in the internet for such marketing tactics that shall help you accomplish what you intend.

Javascript Codes

Javascript serves as an Event-Based Programming language. This means every different code segment are executed in response to a user clicking a button or hovering a mouse. All the codes are not necessarily get initialized at the time of the website being loaded. This is what helps ensure the fact that your web applications load time isn’t hampered and at the same time is equipped with rich features.


Functionality Upgrades

It is very important for a website to be equipped with all the trends of the current trend and it is necessary for any pre existing site to evolve to that level in order to remain relevant. In order to ensure this it is important to ask as to why such a simple feature was left out by the developer and owner of their checklist. Javascript is flexible enough to come to the rescue of such matters. Third-party addons like Greasemonkey help come to the rescue of such a situation. Using this you can attach your javascript snippets into your system that will run into the webpage of your system.

Client Side Convenience

When using a website which intends an interaction let us say for example clicking a button you help but send a request to the server which gets processed and in turn helps you get a response. However you must have noticed in certain cases like facebook, where upon posting an update, the entire page doesn’t reload again. Or also in the case of filling up a web form when you instantly get notified of the errors, all this can be attributed to the brilliance of javascript. Javascript code snippets don’t require to be sent to the server side for being processed. This helps save load on the server side. The javascript codes in website get processed using the resources on the users systems. Thanks to server side processing all the above mentioned functionalities and processes are possible. This helps save load on the server side.

Platform Independence

Any Javascript-enabled browser, which qualifies as almost any browser in today’s date can easily understand and interpret Javascript code. It is a free and open source and does not make you go through installation or configuration procedure. It can be done just be opening the browser following which you can start editing different areas of the webpage.

As one of the Top Web Application Development Company, we at BrainMobi have undertaken several expeditions in the field of web and mobile application development. Our developers for javascript are experienced and keen to take upon any challenge standing between you and your mobile application. If you have the idea for a mobile or web application, kindly write to us at sales@brainmobi.com .

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