How To Monetize Your App – 2019?

February 13, 2019 Amit Upadhyay 2744 Views
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Based on the various types of mobile applications, there can be varying methods of setting up a monetization policy for your application. Whether it is a service application, an experience application or an expanded business like that of an eCommerce, every application has a straight monetization policy that forms the basis of earning money for those putting efforts into the application.

Although with the evolving trends in technology you shall still notice lots of technological services and applications which don’t directly charge money but somehow reach to your requirement and are able to create an impression on you. Any top Mobile app development company shall be keen on knowing the tech trends of the future which shall have something crucial to demand. The app monetization forms shall then vary accordingly.

Now, by monetization you might be thinking of a constant and stream of revenue. In the following article we are about to expand a fresh trend of earning money via your mobile application that might not strictly adhere to the traditional methods of business. But nevertheless has quite a core value that is  bound to show results after years of disciplined functioning. Let us elaborate this into small pieces and analyze closely.

What is Next in Store For Platform Giants And The Upcoming Wave of Technology?

1989 – Apple Macintosh Portable

1992 – Microsoft WIndows 3.1

1994 – Amazon

1997 – Apple Mac OS 8

1998 – Google

2004 – Facebook

2006 – MacBook Pro

2007 – iPhone

2018 – Facebook Data Scandal ( AKA power of technology to encompass the entire global agglomerate and moniter/journal their activities )

2019 and beyond – ???????????????

As of 2019 all 4 technology giants encompass a wide reach of audience and consumer base unlike any other organization or political power ever existed in the face of humanity. Considering they are composed of some of the most genius tech heads of the future, it is important to anticipate their plans for the future and run your plans parallel with them in order to fetch the best monetization strategies out of your apps.

So what are are they?

Before that..

Important to consider the Fake News perspective

It some point in time Facebook did become the third largest country in terms of population and in some terms it could be regarded as a country because in terms of what it could provide, it was a small universe where the world witnessed its most constructive marketing features.

Besides this, it was important to notice that facebook made a lot of efforts to curate and organize into accesible bits as per a particular purpose which was witnessed for the allegations it faced for the fake news problems. While the refugee crisis in Rohingya, political motivations in the US elections (the one where trump was elected) and almost any political campaign in India is a result of the fact that such technology implementations are actually possible. Keeping aside all that negative ways it was channelized though, let us focus on what else could it contribute to on the positive upfront.

Positive Implications of the Fake News perspective?

Curating user data from social media seems no offense whatsoever to me because there is absolutely nothing sensitive to be revealed. However, the idea of putting me in a pool of my kind does excite us even more.

For reasons such as:

  • Socializing with people of similar interests
  • Helping me find people who speak my kind of vernaculars
  • Prefer reading the same books
  • Etc.

Lists can be expanded as per the level of intricacy of the categorization how subtle an action can you monitor. So while a kickass company like Amazon might be monitoring my actions on the particular platform, it would be highly appreciative of a service that saves me shopping time and helps me find the very correct products without having me to surf through a 1000 diff vendors amongst the huge ecommerce bundle.

So where does the Monetization part stick in?

This can not necessarily be categorized as data but more of statistics (the crucial ones of amazon, facebook, google might never come at your hands) which have been recorded in a fairly short month of at max 3 to 10 years. Obviously the greater the duration the bigger the accuracy but considering the amount of demographic is encompasses, even an operations worth 2 to 3 years is capable of giving you some good empirical results. So what I am indirectly trying to say is that the next phase of technology is relying heavily on 2019.

“Accurate Measurements Of User Generated Data”

which upon the correct mathematical treatment can yield some valuable figures for business and most of all Artificial Intelligence. The highlighted part is what constitutes to be the part that yields the money.

By the time your accumulate your amounts of data while conducting your business process, there will be ton of technological organizations would be able to craft the sophisticated AI algorithm who would be needing the data you have gathered.

Upcoming instances

Apples upcoming watch series is a revolutionary and first of its kind product. Considering the kind of grip it has on the market, the product will sell to those who don’t even realize what it is. Naturally the kind of medical data is shall generate will be the first of its kind and is bound to reveal some new fitness practices. Medical institutions and research centers will be the first to benefit from it and any top ios application development company shall be looking to capitalize on the situation. If that sounds absurd then there is a reason why other companies like Withings that are taking shape.

With other innovative practices and executions and the kind of technology in the form of Cloud and IoT present today, the mechanism of recording data and maintaining statistics can come to the advantage of almost any business vertical and it bound to take technology a step forward.  

BrainMobi is always keen on hitting the most relevant sectors in the field of technology which are oriented towards the direction of major tech heads of the world. Our amounts of collaborative exercise and practices in modelling have enabled us to construct several models that could produce data worth to several technology companies and other organizations of the world. If you share the same vision as ours then feel free to contact and collaborate with us such projects otherwise just feel free to disagree.  

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