Comparison of Laravel and Codeigniter

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Laravel is a widely used open-source PHP framework. The platform intends for development of web application which make use of the MVC architectural pattern. Laravel is released under the MIT license and its source code is hosted on GitHub. As a reliable PHP framework it follows expressive and accurate language rules implemented for development.

CodeIgniter is a very powerful PHP framework which is built for developers who prefer a simple and elegant toolkit intended to create full-featured web applications. CodeIgniter is regarded as one of the best options that can be used for creating dynamic websites using PHP. It helps provide complete freedom to the users as they don’t need to depend on the MVC development pattern. Following which it also allows third-party plugins which can be used to implement complicated functionalities alongside some awesome security and encryption procedures.

Parameter Laravel CodeIgniter
Support for other DBMS MYSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, ORACLE, PostgreSQL JDBC, and orientdb compatible. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft BI, and MongoDB in addition to supporting other popular databases like Microsoft SQL Server, DB2, ORACLE, and others.
Current Trends & Popularity Thanks to its expressive coding style favored by the seasoned developers Laravel is at the peak of its popularity Its ease usage in 2.x, and therefore most web developers prefer CodeIgniter.
Structure and Updates Laravel follows the MVC structure of filing and comes with a command line tool known as the Artisan. Codeigniter structure follows MVC (model-view- Controller) and provides very easy on- Boarding. Its structure is loosely based on Object-oriented Programming but it is versatile enough for developers to use it as per their needs.
Built-in Modules This framework comprises of built-in modularity features. It allows developers to divide a project into small modules through the bundle. CodeIgniter does not offer any built-in modularity features which lets developers create and maintain modules by using the Modular Extension.
Support for RESTful API The RESTful Controllers allows developers to manufacture an assortment of the REST APIs without spending extra time. CodeIgniter does not facilitate streamlined development for REST APIs.
Template Engine and API Building Laravel comes with a simple but robust template engine like Blade. Blade template engine lets PHP programmers optimize the performance of the web application by manipulating and enhancing views. CodeIgniter does not offer any built-in template engine and requires developers to integrate it with a template engine tool like smarty. This allows them to conduct common tasks and improve the performance of the website.
Online help and Libraries Laravel offers its official documentation which is very elaborate and helpful. Any  additional help can be derived from The CodeIgniter offers plenty of built-in functionality, and their website comprises of a useful guide for which you can be used without much prior knowledge
Data Base Model Relational Object-Oriented Object Oriented
Template Language Blade Template Engine PHP proprietary
Programming Paradigm Component Oriented Object-Oriented Event Driven Functional
HTTP Support Laravel lets developers define custom HTTPs routes. The developers can also create a specific URL for each HTTPS route. CodeIgniter does not offer full HTTPS support and hence, developers can use URL to keep the data transmission secure by creating pats.
Authentication The Authentication Class feature provided by Laravel makes it easier for developers to implement authentication and authorization rules. CodeIgniter does not come with built-in authentication features. This way developers need to authenticate and authorize users by writing custom CodeIgniter extensions.
Unit Testing Laravel allows developers to check the application code thoroughly and continuously with the help of PHPUnit. CodeIgniter doesn’t come with any inbuilt unit testing tools. This way, developers need to add additional unit testing tools in order to assess the quality of the application and code.
Learning Curve Laravel offers several additional features which are difficult to learn for beginners. The beginners find it easier to learn and use CodeIgniter.
Stack Overflow questions 96.7 k 606. k
GitHub Stars 45.5 K 16.5 K
Prominent Companies using the product 9GAG, Union, Geocodio Buffer,, Webedia
Average Salary The average salary for “Laravel developer” ranges from approximately $71,459 per year The average salary for “CodeIgniter developer” ranges from approximately $47,753 per year

Importance of Using Laravel?

  • Laravel helps with simplified management of migrations by offering version control systems
  • Composer based dependency manager using Modular packaging
  • Advanced ActiveRecord implementation for working on DB alongside support for Eloquent ORM.
  • Support for plenty of DBMS platforms like MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLServer
  • Offers additional features like blade templating engine
  • Offers Support for artisan command along with sample codes line interface
  • Extensive and elaborate documentation helps understand the platform very well
  • Laravel lets you enforce constraints between the multiple DBM objects by making use of an advanced query builder mechanism
  • The framework comes with an auto-loading feature, which lets you offer manual maintenance and inclusion paths
  • The framework helps you to generate new useful tools with the help of the LOC container

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Why make use of CodeIgniter?

  • Very active CodeIgniter community support provides plenty of support and help
  • Clear, structured and precise documentation
  • Offers enhanced stability & support
  • It offers a very simple method for routing
  • It allows cached website for improved performance and higher loading times

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