Best PHP Frameworks For Building a Mobile App

May 30, 2019 Ashish Sharma 7406 Views
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Getting the word out about the products or services a business has to offer is no easy task. Attracting modern consumers will require a modern approach. This is why many business owners and entrepreneurs use both web-based and mobile apps to entice potential customers.

When building a web-based or mobile apps, using the open-source programming language known as PHP is quite common amongst the best PHP application development company. There are many benefits that come with using this programming language, which is why it is so popular.

Most experienced developers use PHP frameworks to reduce the amount of work they have to do when building a new mobile or web-based application. In essence, a PHP framework is a template that can be used in lieu of building a program from scratch.

The following are just some of the best PHP frameworks on the market.

Laravel is a Popular Free Open-Source Framework

Since introduced in 2011, Laravel has become one of the most popular free PHP frameworks on the market. The reason why so many developers use this framework is that it is able to handle complex applications at much higher speeds than its competitors.

If the application a person is building requires a complex backend, then this is definitely the framework that needs to be used. With this framework, things like caching, authentication and even routing can be simplified.

This framework also comes with a laundry list of great features. You can use these features to solve common issues with app security, achieve seamless data migration and to support MVC architecture.

The Reliability of Symfony

The Symfony PHP framework has been around since 2005. Most developers view this is one of the most reliable and mature open-source PHP platforms on the market. This framework is one of the few to follow both PHP and web standards extensively.

When trying to develop large scale projects, you probably want to use Symfony. It features a variety of reusable PHP components, which means the app development process will go smoothly. You can also use this PHP framework to integrate into larger projects in Drupal.

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The Simplicity of Yii

Most people in the app development community have heard of the Yii framework. The main idea behind the development of this framework was to make the mobile app development process as easy as possible. With this component-based framework, modern developers can work at breakneck speeds without letting their creations suffer as a result.

This framework is easy to install and features a number of state-of-the-art security features. Developing apps to be used as e-commerce portals or forums will be a breeze with Yii. If you are looking for a way to avoid repetitive SQL statements during the development process, then this is definitely the framework for you. The Yii framework models the database data, which means you can avoid mundane and repetitive tasks.

Practice Makes Perfect

Regardless of what PHP framework you use to develop a mobile app, you need to work at making the app a winner. The only way to do this is by beta-testing your creation and using the information from these tests to optimize it.

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