Benefits of Node.JS Application Development

October 15, 2018 Sunny Arora 2603 Views
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Node.js is one amongst the largest open source platform that exists as of today with approximate 15 million downloads and about a billion package downloads per week. Contributions have reached some great industrial standards and there have been reported to be at least 1100 developers working on the platform. It is also reputed for having a maintenance endpoint and is equipped with tools that automatically detect the vulnerability.

As one of the Top Node.js Application Development Company, we at BrainMobi have undertaken several successful endeavors in the field of node.js application development. Let us explain to you a few reasons why it is recommended and beneficial.

Minimal Coding

NodeJS development allows web application developers to code in javascript for both server and client sides. This makes data transferring much simpler which helps coordinating work simultaneously. Any changes in data made to the server is displayed instantly and the corresponding update is also seen in the web page. Node.js satisfies all the needs of the development process and offers scalable and fast networking applications.
Infact MeteorJs a highly popular web application too derives its credit from Node.JS which happens to support to the same codebase for the server and the client.

Real-Time Web Apps

NodeJS also helps you to create real time web applications at a faster speed compared to something like a PHP. This makes node.js a clear pick when it comes to creating multi-user real time web applications for chat or gaming applications. The architecture allows both client side and server side as both components are written using javascript which adds to the synchronization process and makes the manner more arranged. The event loop through the web socket protocol that works in TCP handles the multiuser function. This also avoids HTTP overload for Node JS development.

Fast Suite

NodeJS thanks to its V8 engine dependency acts as a faster suite compared to the any other. It implements javascript into the native machine code and operates at a comparatively faster pace. This lets organizations to create fast and more robust network applications that can help address parallel connections with higher performance. Any problem that arises when it comes to the formation of a single thread and rather uses a single subprocess is subjected to the event loop which in turn handles all asynchronous I/O operations. Other actions of priority like reading, writing or network connections in the file systems can be achieved quickly with these set of applications.

Dynamic NPM

Node.JS being an open source platform provides an edge with a shared repository of modules and dynamic tools. The node package manager consists of more than 60000 modules which is increasing constantly and is on the verge of surpassing Ruby on Rails. NPM being robust and superfast helps making dependency management perfect. Considering the popularity of Node.JS the community of node is strengthened after each and every day.

Data Streaming

HTTP requests and response are considered as two separate events in the case of web development. They qualify as data streams. Node.js utilizes the most of this function and helps creating some crucial attributes like processing files at the time of loading. This in turn helps reducing the overall duration of the process when data is presented in the form of transmissions. The same can also be applied when the need of videos or audios arise.

As one of the Top Web Application Development Company, we at BrainMobi have undertaken several successful endeavours in this department and are keen to accept unique and challenging projects. If you have the idea for a web application, kindly write to us at

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