Advantages of Mean Stack Application Development

October 10, 2018 Sunny Arora 2409 Views
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Web Servers, libraries, database systems and frontend frameworks are few of the most prominent tools any web development process would choose to make use of. In regard to obtaining the best results in web application development, it is important for strategies of today to facilitate faster and more efficient web applications. LAMP is one of the most commonly used ones which stands for Linux (operating system), Apache (web server), MySQL (Database management system) and PHP (server side language). Amongst these MEAN stands as one of most common web application tool (MongoDB, Express, Angular.js, Node.js).

It was developed at different points of time with different intentions and are integrated using javascript. Amongst the plenty of applications and websites that were created using mean stack are Ulbora which is a content management system and which is a personal application tracking platform. As one of the Top Mean Stack Application Development Company, we at BrainMobi make extensive use of the platform and we shall explain how it helps in the development of the web application.

Javascript is common and makes it simple

One reason why Mean Stack dominates over other frameworks is because it makes use of a common language for operations going in the client as well as server side. The advantage derives its attribute from the fact that all of these languages are written in javascript and this in turn makes the web development process neat. Along with javascript and angularjs  on the front end it becomes easy to reuse code from backend to front end. Node.js itself is a platform that makes use of javascript implementation on the server side.

Cost Efficiency

It is recommended practice  for any large scale organization to work with mean stack. This eliminates the need to hire different personnel for every different project. This way MEAN stack introduces a new job profile which is that of a full-stack java developer. The presence of several javascript developers  in a team not only makes development convenient but also gives more versatile choices from a collaboration point of view to team management.

mean stack
mean stack

Node.JS Advantages

Node.JS is a runtime environment for javascript and functions. It offers more capabilities in comparison to what any traditional web server can allow. By making use of  Mean Stack you can make use of an included within your application and that makes the process of deployment more easier. Above that it is also independent of the operating system and can easily function within the boundaries of LINUX, Windows and OS X. It operates on a single thread for processing incoming HTTP requests and uses websockets to enable sending data to client without having the client to request it.

Javascript Object Notation

MEAN stack makes use JSON in order to carter any needs for data interchange on all layers. This eliminates the need to use any libraries when it comes to the need for converting data during client and server side interaction. Plus is reduces a great deal of simplicity and makes development quick when working with external APIs.

Open Source Community

All components present within Mean Stack are free and open source in nature and delivers of lot of community input thereby not leaving you devoid of any technical support. Therefore mean stack lets you benefit from the wide quantity of contributions coming from developers in response to any development or response queries that might arise.

With the above factors in mind it is surely evident that MEAN stack offers a modern approach to web development. As one of the Top Web Application Development Company, we at BrainMobi have undertaken several successful attempts on MEAN stack and our team of developers are ready to undertake other similar challenges. If you have the idea for a web application project, kindly write to us at .

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