Advantages of Developing a Game with Unity3D

December 8, 2017 Shashank Mehrotra 6081 Views
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If you remember, we had talked about Unity3D in a previous blog. In that blog, we introduced you(or well, some of you) to Unity3D and told you about some of the benefits of using Unity3D as a game developer. In this blog, we would be giving you more reasons to switch to the engine.


This is one of the biggest advantages of using Unity3D. You aren’t confined to any single platform. The games you make can be rendered to be used on over 25 platforms across mobile, console, desktop, TV, AR, VR and the Web. Imagine having all of that power in the palm of your hands. That’s how powerful and diverse it is.

All-in-one Editor

Unity3D has a powerful easy-to-use editor which is a complete package in itself. It is loaded with features and is highly flexible. With Play Mode, Timeline storytelling tools, Enlighten-powered Real-time Global Illumination, Advanced memory profiling, Retargetable animations and a whole lot of exciting features aiding you in your game development process, you can never go wrong when you use the editor.

Play Mode

It has a Play Mode which is the best tool you can use for rapid iterative editing. When you press “Play”, you are instantly inside your game, playing and previewing it. So, the next time you are wondering how things would be like in the game, you can simply test it out by playing the game. At any point of time, if you encounter a bug or feel that any functionality isn’t working as you expected, you can pause it and alter the code as per your liking and can see the results instantly. For even easier debugging, you can cruise through your game frame by frame and pinpoint the problems.

Unity Multiplayer

It is one of the simplest ways to create real-time, networked games(multiplayer games). The rich multiplayer experience it provides is unmatched. Not only is it fast to implement and highly customizable, but is also ready to scale right off the bat! If that wasn’t enough, Unity makes it all the more easy for you to take care of the multiplayer aspect of your game by letting you pay only for the traffic that uses its Matchmaker and Relay servers. The cost of doing so is under half a dollar per GB, which, I believe and you might agree, is pretty less.

Unity Analytics

Another good reason for you to use Unity3D is its built-in analytics which you can find easily in the editor. With Unity Analytics, you can discover indispensable insights about your game. It gives you information that can be used to tweak gameplay and offer an awesome experience for the players. To squeeze the most out of the monetization efforts you invest in your game, Unity Analytics is vital.

Unity Teams

While working in teams, you need Unity(pun intended). When you have a team that is working on a project, there is a lot that goes into ensuring that the members are working in a proper manner. With Unity Teams, your team can work faster with state-of-the-art features which simplify workflow and enable collaboration. You can use the free version of Unity Teams for 90 days to test if it really works for you.

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