Why Not To Miss E-Commerce App Development For Your Retail Business?

May 29, 2017 Shashank Mehrotra 1867 Views
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Since inception, eCommerce has always been an amazing contributor to the growth of retail and other consumer businesses. However, in recent years, due to a surge in the usage of Smartphones and tablets, eCommerce is getting superseded by mCommerce. And, that’s mainly due to the inclination of users towards mobile technologies. Earlier who used to rely on the web have now switched to smart and handheld devices for buying, selling and doing transactions. Not convinced yet? Let stats do the talking:

mCommerce Stats, Facts, and Trends that cannot be ignored

  • 20 percent of smartphone and tablet users love to shop daily while 14 percent do so weekly–(Source: Google Report )
  • According to an eMarketer study, in the US, 25 percent of online retail transactions are done through mobile devices
  • 45 Million American smartphone owners used Shopping/Commerce apps in June 2012 – accessing such apps for more than 17 times during the month, as surveyed by Nielsen. (Source: Mashable)
  • Almost 30 percent of Smartphone buyers dump a transaction if they find the website not optimized for Mobile (Source: MoPowered)
  • For every 100ms surge in load time results into decrease in sales by almost 1 percent (Source: Slideshare)
  • According to a report from Juniper Research, in 2017, m-Commerce transactions will exceed $3.2 trillion, high from $1.5 trillion in 2013.

It’s not far-fetched to say that retailers will soon rely largely on m-Commerce for achieving profitable growth

Soon mobile is going to become the key channel all across the world in retail industry. With larger screen sizes, customized, mobile-optimized user experiences and swifter connectivity, users prefer to use their mobile phones and tablets. In 2016, transactions done on mCommerce products were slightly over 50% in a lot of countries. That means 2017 will be the peak point where mobile will be used more in the retail industry. To stay ahead of the competition, it’s imperative for retailers to develop a user-centric mobile approach.

Till 2016, retailers were like: “Do I need to get a Mobile App?”, now in 2017, retailers are like: “Who will develop my app?”

Now when Apps play a pivotal role for any retail business, the battle for choosing the best mCommerce app development company has begun.

How is BrainMobi your next eCommerce app development partner?

At BrainMobi, we have a proficient team of developers and designers, who possess expertise in developing best-in-class mCommerce apps. Our in-house teams of mobile app experts develop apps from scratch, handling the complete lifecycle of mCommerce mobile app development. We help our clients in meeting their business challenges and reinforcing go-mobile strategy with the top-notch mobility solutions. We have worked on a myriad range of mobile commerce solutions -be it mobile optimized retail sites, virtual fitting rooms, digital wallets, engaging 3D catalogues and much more.

Here’re a few USPs of getting an m-commerce app developed through BrainMobi:

  • Build your mCommerce app faster and at cost-effective prices: Our mCommerce application development team works swiftly and efficiently in order to get the maximum benefits that too in the minimum period and in a cost effective manner.
  • Publishing on major marketplaces: We ensure that our developed apps get published on various major app stores including Playstore, Appstore etc.
  • Regular App revisions: We provide frequent and real-time app updates to ensure that the app stays abreast with the emerging and trending technologies and conforms to the fast changing expectations from the end users
  • Passionate and Creative Minds: We have a pool of employees that are tech savvy and highly proficient and support the end to end mobile app development cycle. They have in-depth knowledge of all the latest and trending frameworks that are leveraged to develop mCommerce apps.

Being a leading mCommerce app development company, we are proficient in providing top-notch app development services to serve our clients across the world who wish to leverage technologies and platforms likeiOS, android, Wearable, AR/VR and beacon technology. To get the best-in-class m-commerce app development reach out to us.

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