What Makes Vue.JS An Essential Framework For Mobile App Developers

July 9, 2018 Sunny Arora 2016 Views
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Vue is a progressive javascript framework that is predominantly used for building user interfaces. It enables easy creation of powerful single page applications and derives its basic use in creating the view layer of web application. Many developers attribute its absence of pedigree as its greatest benefit. Vue.js is proving to be one of the top javascript frameworks and is slowly proving to outrun Angular or React in many cases. Although it is not possible to make such a claim or even do a comparison as of yet. As one of the top mobile application development company let us explain to you a few advantages of using vue for a framework.


Vue is a relatively fresh framework and has very less baggage. This minimalism and absence of pedigree in its framework is one of its strongest attributes. Thanks to which vue has a rather narrow use case. This focus lets vue to ignore the bloat of other frameworks. The minimal surface areas of its APIs enables developers to channelize all of their efforts on improvement rather than maintenance.


Vue enables you to write a quick and easy app that be tested straight to the browser. It also lets you build more sophisticated apps when ES6, JSX, separate component files, routing, bundling etc are taken into consideration. Other flexible options include writing your template using an HTML file, writing your template in a string using Javascript file, using JSX in a javascript file, making your template in pure javascript using virtual nodes.



Adding vue to your web projects is simple and concise compared to other cross development frameworks. On top of that it eliminates other liabilities like polyfilling, transpiling or even wrestling with a bundler. Also any developer with basic concepts of HTML and JS can get a rhythm of how vue.js works. And when the same is presented to more experienced developers the same framework allows productivity.

Simple Integration

Vue.js can very much integrate with existing applications and is one reason for its popularity amongst developers. This is possible because it is build on javascript and can be easily integrated into other applications build on javascript too. Due to which it is lets you alter pre existing applications with ease besides developing newer ones too. The several components present for various cases make this happen.

Two Way Communication

MVVM Architecture makes its very easy for Vue.js to handle HTML blocks and this is something that lets Vue.js facilitate two way communications as well. This speeds up the development process and saves a lot of time otherwise spent in synchronizing HTML and other interfaces.

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