Use Reminder Apps, and Use Them Wisely

October 26, 2017 Shashank Mehrotra 2850 Views
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When was the last time you remembered that you left the stove on? And then you remembered that you’re way too lazy to cook anything and buy every meal from McD or just order something from an app. And now you’re wondering just how lazy I am.

The point is, that we are a forgetful lot which is slowly turning out to be a great competitor to goldfishes. We are not to be blamed though, for we are living in a world full of distractions leading our minds astray all the time. And in times like these, it is more than useful to have someone(or as in our case, something) to remind us about various things. This is where the reminder app on your mobile phone comes in.

Reminder apps have an immense potential to make big changes in your life. They can act as that booster which takes your productivity to a next level every single day. Be it by helping you find time in busy schedules, or by reminding you that you have to send that important mail, or perhaps even by telling you that you must drink a glass of water(Aqualert, if you’re thinking what I think you’re thinking). These apps have a lot of potential to help you get better in a lot of regards.

They can make life easier by helping you manage your tasks better. Most apps provide you the feature of setting priorities to the tasks which you are to be reminded about so that you can prioritize the tasks at hand properly. Some apps have the calendar included so that you can be right on schedule for weeks, months, and even years at a stretch! And that’s quite a boost in productivity, wouldn’t you agree?

Another great benefit of reminder apps is that staying on time all the time slowly becomes a habit. For example, if there is an app reminding you to exercise at 5 PM, after 40 days of following the reminder, you would end up getting into the habit of exercising at 5 PM.

All of this is pretty normal and is something that everyone does. But what if you could be reminded against doing things you shouldn’t be doing? What if you could be reminded that you are on a diet every time you came near the bakery or the fried chicken shop? Or if you could be reminded that you are trying to quit smoking every time you smoked? Wouldn’t it be good if all of these could be implemented?

You might think that the aforementioned wouldn’t be possible, but with geolocation, you can choose to be reminded every time you came near the stores you wish to avoid. On to the next possibility, to be reminded to quit smoking every time you smoked, all you need is a wearable which can monitor your heartbeat. While you feel that you are relaxed when you smoke, your body acts differently. Your heart beats a lot faster than it usually does, and that is something which can be easily sensed by wearable devices.

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