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April 16, 2019 Amit Upadhyay 2375 Views
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Mobile apps are revolutionizing the way we conduct business and live our life. Over the last decade, the impact has been felt in all industries. Health is one industry which has been heavily disrupted by mobile apps and technology in general. People living in remote places can now access doctors, medicine, treatments and heavy medical equipment from the comfort of their homes thanks to the presence of healthcare mobile apps. Let us discuss some of the different types of apps available today in the medical industry along with some examples.

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1)      Food trackers: These help consumers understand what goes in their food, could track the full path of groceries from start to finish and additionally help you decide what to eat or not based on contents

2)      Find Food: These help you find healthy ingredients or meals based on your mean plan/ goals for the next few weeks or months or they scan your planned diet and provide healthy alternatives for ingredients or in the form of restaurant meals.

3)      Content: These provide video, image and text- based content for health. They could be in the form of goal- oriented videos providing workouts, motivational blogs and experiences, reviews of different workouts, podcasts or even music for health purposes. Apps Headspace and Calm fall under this category- they provide mental health content

4)      Uber for Fitness: A bunch of apps are trying to pair up consumers with gyms, sessions and training with a trainer or at a gym and allow single visits.

5)      Record keeping: Some apps keep a record of all your medical appointments, problems, progress & lab reports

6)      Connector Apps: These connect 2 parties, such as doctor and patient, pharmacy and consumer, patients with other patients, doctors to their suppliers (hardware, medicine), fitness tracker and learner (Yoga, gym, ballet etc.)Eg. Healthtap helps you connect with Doctors for any query in real time

7)      Fitness Trackers- There are a multitude of these kind of apps with each having different features and measurables. Some of them measure heart rate per minute, calorie intake and burn, diets, sleep cycles, nutrition.

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There is literally no limit to the types of medical apps that can be made. Each city, locality, hospital, patient and doctor can have an app related to their services. Each different idea can lead to an app. From detecting diseases through sound to checking blood pressure, activities which required heavy technology, personal medical knowledge and experience can now be carried out by anyone with a smart phone.

These are just some basic type examples, which can be done in many ways. If you have an idea for an app in the health sector, you can get in touch with us since we are the Best Mobile App Development Company in Australia.

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