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March 7, 2017 Shashank Mehrotra 2700 Views
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International Women's Day 2017

A large number of independent women of India on different occasions have demonstrated that success does not call for gender parity, be it any circumstances of life! They allow us to commend the velour of women and praise the comprehensive presence of the society as a whole. Women with their strength and courage have shown that they can be great leaders, voracious readers, and they can even become lovely housewives. There is nothing that women cannot do! Be it of any field – corporate, social, political or economic.

Women are the largest untapped reservoir of talent in the world – Hillary Clinton.

Being a co-working organization we at BrainMobi, are proud to celebrate the International Women’s Day on 8th March. We are a very strong and loyal supporter of women’s and their rights. Being a Head of Marketing and Analyst team at BrainMobi, I have to manage and work with different teams like marketing team, analyst team, sales team, designers, and developers for accomplishments of individual and organizational goals. It’s a matter of privilege for the company and especially for me where I got an opportunity to work with strong women who continue to contribute to the success of BrainMobi by developing high-quality mobile apps for iOS and Android smartphones. We have also asked women at BrainMobi on what advice they would like to give to women at the start of their careers who hope to similarly rise up in the field of mobile app development. Here are some of the highlights:

Be self-aware and self-confident

Mobile app development is a field where sometimes we see a lack of female developers so I just advise you to grow in this field. Find a career path that plays to your strengths and to live up to what you want to do and have confidence in yourself no matter whatever be the situation is. – Bhavya Khera, Sr. Android Developer

Be open and have positive attitude

Always take feedbacks graciously. In mobile app development field, you have to came across a lot of challenges on a daily basis. Being a designer, sometimes I have to undergo several disappointments and rejections in my designs but my positive attitude towards the work help me to overcome it. So my advice to all the women who are looking to develop their career in this field is to be open and strong and have positive attitude towards your work – Devika Verma, UI Designer

Be ready to learn

I would like to suggest the first thing that really matters is your interest towards your work. As we are going to work in a field where we have to upgrade our knowledge to make our value in the market so willingness to learn new things is an important factor. – Pratibha Kushwaha, Backend Developer

Finally, with their strength, they have earned a lot of compliments while some of them came into the spotlight at BrainMobi’s first Annual Day celebration. As we celebrated our 1st Annual Day on 1st march, we also want to bring the celebrations to you. Let’s take a glimpse of their strength at the event and take a moment to honor them who’ve made a difference.

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We at BrainMobi, value both women and men’s contribution equally by creating flexible work culture. We’re passionate about gender equality and support making it a reality through various initiatives.We help them to achieve their goals, challenge the society and make the environment supportive where everyone can work mutually. As everyone in and out of the organization knows that BrainMobi is a very open and transparent company, we welcome any inquiries from any means of communication channels. We have nothing to hide.

We welcome the most talented, fun-loving and amazing people to be a part of BrainMobi’s success story. Join us to carve a better future by helping start-ups and entrepreneurs transform their business processes into creative mobile apps and create a better world. We are continuously looking for top app developers, web developers, web services experts, analysts, designers and digital marketing strategist to be a part of our team. Looking forward to work with us, check out our current openings or send your resume on hr@brainmobi.com.

BrainMobi wishes everyone a Happy Women’s Day. We would like to hear about the women who inspire you – chances are, they’ll inspire us too.

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