The Bizarre Side of Wearable Technology

October 24, 2017 Shashank Mehrotra 2014 Views
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There’s a side of wearable technology which is much like the dark side of the moon(not the Pink Floyd album, which happens to be the best album ever), hidden from the view of the masses. Would you like to know about it?

Even if you don’t, here’s what it is. Wearable technology has a rather bizarre side which most of the people don’t know about. Much of this side is in the ideation phase and can be seen as just concepts. While that is a tad bit disappointing, the ones that have been made into a product are nothing short of awesome! So without further ado, let’s dive straight into the bizarre side of wearable technology.

x.pose 3D printed dress
Since I had promised bizarre, that’s just what I’ll deliver. The x.pose 3D printed dress is nothing short of bizarre for a lot of people. To put it simply, it makes you as naked offline as you are online. How it does that is that it monitors how much data you share, and on the basis of that data, it automatically shifts from opaque to transparent, essentially making you nude. Designed by a graduate student called Xeudi Chen and a collaborator, Pedro Oliveri, the product’s tagline, “In the digital realm, we are naked all the time” resonates with the progressive mentality of a majority of people around the world.

Hovding Cycling Airbag Helmet
This is my personal favorite. Imagine traveling on your bike with the wind brushing against your face, blowing your hair with it. Cool, eh? Now recall what your last trip on your bike looked like. I hope there’s a helmet covering your head. You can meet an accident just about anytime, and you would be dead before you know it if you don’t wear a helmet. So be safe and wear a helmet. Or, go for Hovding Cycling Airbag Helmet which is basically a wearable airbag to protect your head, and shoulders(see what I did there?) and your neck. An external shell on the main body allows you to change its appearance without hindering its agility. Oh, and did I mention that you don’t wear it on your head? It’s more like a scarf you wear on your neck which inflates into a full-blown helmet-like airbag which protects you.

Tired of missing calls because you couldn’t hear your phone ringing from your handbag’s inner pocket? Here’s an accessory that can let you know that your phone is ringing whenever you receive a call. Ringly connects to your phone and lets you know whenever you have a call or a message. The notifications can be customised and configured to flash, vibration, change of color or if you’re feeling adventurous, all of them. While I talked about handbags, I don’t intend to say that this is just for ladies. Not that handbags are just for ladies, well, you get the picture. Unless you own a Nokia 3310, if your mobile phone is vibrating, you might not notice it. In such cases, ringly saves the day.

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