5 Factors To Avoid For A Productivity Hack

June 7, 2017 Shashank Mehrotra 3032 Views
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Several times it happens that while developing an app, the cost and labour wastage gets increased due to the investment of time and focus into places where least or no attention is required. With the help of our top app developers, we have prepared this list of mistakes that can be avoided while developing a mobile app. Avoiding these points will lead to a great reduction in turnaround time, labour and hence cost. Here are the key points:


Apps prone to defect greatly bring down user expectations within seconds. Make sure to avoid any sort of unexpected event to happen before it ruins your credibility. Implement well build testing scripts to wrap bug-free codes before submitting it after multiple revisions.


How to avoid this to happen?

Hire the resources with an up to mark skill sets and expertise that can be utilized to the best of possibilities. Choose developers that are well-versed in the array of tasks you are about to assign. Also, cross-check their approach before building any expectations.


When more than required is developed or built, useful resources & labour go to waste. Proper development cycles and analysis helps in attaining optimization across the process. Initiate well-planned execution of idea while keeping in mind all the possibilities and probably last minute changes.


How to avoid this to happen?

Discuss all the tasks and responsibilities beforehand and leave no room for extra work or overlapping. Make sure to discuss all the jobs in detail with a respective team member for maximum clarity. Overproduction is a result of unclear communication about assigned tasks. This can be strongly prohibited to nil as a result of crystal clear discussion.


Avoid all the chances for the time gap between two activities as it affects developers credibility and adds work disorientation across the development cycle. As in project development, many times unintended changes crop up at last minute from client side for implementations. Try to accommodate every minute into utilization for maximum productivity.


How to avoid this to happen?

Discuss all the possibilities and prepare a layout that holds no waiting time for resources to sit ideal. In a rare case when the string of decision is not in your hand, try to get the resources involved in some other productive task that can be further come into use during the development cycle.

Non-Utilized talent

Ruining an untapped potential or assigning the wrong job are the most influential factors that could deteriorate the whole decorum of app development process. The team needs to take care of every resource and bring them the best opportunity to spurt their expertise over the area of interest. Employees who get assigned their chosen jobs manage to receive better feedback.

How to avoid this to happen?

Interview the prospected team member to assign proper job and try to gain deep insight into their area of interest. Always remember that happy employee delivers remarkable job as compared to the one with burdened work. At BrainMobi, we invest great efforts in assigning jobs after much detailed discussion with our top app developers and management.


Inventory refers to the unusable work that has been done and not used further in the project or completed ineffectively based on project parameters. Many times even the top app developers get rolled into confusion and end up with a long list of unnecessary work. It affects project velocity toward the finish line and can result in budget inflation. Common causes of this include waiting, incomplete story information/misunderstanding of the project, unclear information & improper prioritization.  


How to avoid this to happen?

Take well-revised note of what, who and how things would be processing across the development cycle. Before commencing on the work, sit with every employee to gauge their work routine and time spent to complete it. Well-planned process flow never leads to Inventory. Top app developers prefer to brainstorm the idea along with other teammates to bring the idea closer with the maximum percentage.


All the points lead to one conclusion, well revised and clear discussion over every single project detail among all the team members before initiating the work leads to maximum productivity. Our team at BrainMobi leaves no stone unturned to bring the message clear across every liable person connected with the project.

Let us know what else we can add here to bring maximum flexibility. We would love to discuss your vision within this compilation of “5 Factors To Avoid For Productivity Hack”.

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