Meet the Team

BrainMobi is a creative place of smart and talented individuals who constantly strive to work for fulfilling client requirements and provide satisfactory result. Our team is enriched with analysts, designers, marketers and engineers who are specialized in providing solutions and creating apps. At BrainMobi, we are all passionate about what we do, from marketing to design to development, everyone here is responsible for the continued success of BrainMobi.

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Sunny Arora

Founder & CEO

Amit Upadhyay

Founder & CTO

Harsh Arora

Founder & Director

Shashank Mehrotra

Head - Marketing & Analyst

Ranjeet Singh

Head - iOS

Irfan Khan

Head - Business Development

Mridul CP

Digital Marketing Strategist

Shrestha Tripathi

Marketing Analyst

Praveen Upadhyay

Business Analyst

Suraj Kirola

Project Manager

Shivendra Suman

Project Manager

Hari Shankar

Project Manager

Uma Shankar

Project Manager

Upandra Rai

Sr. UX/UI Designer

Shubham Singh

Sr. UX/UI Designer

Dheeraj Gupta

Sr. UI Developer

Vaibhav Krishna

Sr. iOS Developer

Rohit Chaddha

Sr. Android Developer

Ashik Abbas

Sr. Android Developer

Ankit Tyagi

iOS Developer

Rishabh Jain

iOS Developer

Sukhbeer Maurya

Android Developer

Rohit Bansal

Android Developer

Roli Agarwal

Android Developer

Devika Verma

UI Designer

Sushmita Gupta

Quality Analyst

Vineeta Singh

Quality Analyst

Kamal Baskheti

Backend Developer

Pratibha Kushwaha

Backend Developer

Vishad Jain

Backend Developer

Vikash Kushwaha